"Mental Health in the UK" was created in July 1998, and played an essential part in my recovery. Initially it was a very small personal site but expanded into a very influential UK mental health sanctuary. The main focus was and still is to reform people's concepts and ideas about what it means to have a mental health issue of any description by informing and enlightening everyone with our creativity, talent and imagination and to provide support and friendship via the social network groups and pages. There is also some informative content courtesy of many of the larger organisations who have produced over the years a fair number of leaflets in pdf format.

Contributions are a huge part of this site because it shows the true talent that so many people have. If you have poetry, prose, stories, artwork or photos etc. and you would like them showcased here then please do Email them to me. Thank you very much to everyone so far who has submitted their work and if you have any further ideas for the site, do let me know. Please feel free to contact me about issues concerning mental health and what we can do to raise awareness...and finally... DON'T lose hope. The medium of online help has never been bigger, and there are plenty of places you can go to for help and support.

New from MHUK is my Consultancy & Training Service. Get in touch if you'd like my services.

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