Beating Depression: Inspirational Stories of Hope and Recovery

I had the opportunity during 2010 to think about contributing to a book that was going to be published in 2011 where there were going be a selected stories of hope and recovery. As my own book has never really been finished, I thought this would be a nice way of telling my story, but with less of my own time needed to polish, proof read and print. I wrote the story over a couple of months and it went back and forward a few times for tweaking. The end result is a now complete and out in print. There are 8 stories and mine is number 6 and is called "It's been a long time coming". If you do get to read this book, I hope you enjoy it and feel free to contact me for comments!

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Inspirational stories of hope and recovery from depression edited by the UK's leading authority on the treatment of depression.

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If you suffer from depression you are far from alone. It is an extremely common problem affecting over 300 million people around the world - and the number of reported cases is rising. Distressing and painful, depression can impact on almost every area of a person's life, from relationships and family life, to work and physical health. Selected by Professor Paul Gilbert, a world renowned expert on depression and author of bestselling self-help guide Overcoming Depression, the first person accounts contained in this collection will motivate, inspire and reassure. Most importantly, they will remind the reader that even during the darkest moments, there is always hope. Includes two chapters written by Professor Paul Gilbert explaining the causes of depression and how to overcome it.