About Me

  • Autobiography | News Article

    I started a diary when I was 14/15 and kept this going into my 20's.

  • Brief History | Fibro Blog

    Brief chronological history, with snippets of good and bad times.

  • Psychiatric System

    Why the psychiatric system is not that really good to be part of.

  • Family Album

    Various Family Photos

  • In Memory

    Our very first budgie we got after we'd been together for 4 months!

  • Bobby's Youtube

    Bobby our Budgie has his very own YouTube page.

  • Charity Challenges

    Various charity events that I have taken part in, some still to add.

  • John Macsween

    My Godfather, Butcher and haggis manufacturer. Born: 17 October, 1939, in Edinburgh. Died: 12 July, 2006, in Edinburgh, aged 66.